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Mission Statement

Our mission is to dispel the stereotypical myths associated with aging by demonstrating through live dance performance the stamina, vitality and talent of the post-50 generation. We are dedicated to having fun, on and off stage, while being committed to providing a comfortable, professional and inspirational atmosphere for older adults to reach their creative potential. To achieve these goals we value and respect the different levels of ability, commitment and needs of our members.

Rosemarie Maurice
Artistic Director/Choreographer


In 1995, a small tap group, working out of the Burlington Seniors' Centre, came together. Five years later, Artistic Director, Rosemarie Maurice, founded the Burlington Footnotes, and since then the senior dance troupe has blossomed from the original six seniors to over 115 members including performers and behind the scene volunteers.

The Burlington Footnotes, besides many small performances, stage an annual full Company show: Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance. The full company (not-for-profit) includes vocalists, musicians and comedians.

The Company members rank dance performance level, energy, dazzling costumes and fun as priorities. Dance standards are set high.

Dance performance and non-performance classes allow members to freely explore their dance potential, in a fun, friendly and comfortable environment. Artistic growth is fostered to meet the individual personal needs and abilities. The group has an informal but a strong physical and emotional support network.


Congratulations to Rosemarie Maurice, pictured here receiving the Queen's Golden Jubilee award on August 23, 2012


Civic Award

Rosemarie Maurice

Denise McKay

Ruth Urbasik