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K.W. Irmisch Award The City of Burlington's
Civic Award for Arts Person of the Year

Denise McKay

On May 5th, 2005 Denise McKay became the Company’s second recipient. Before joining Rosemarie’s dance classes at the Senior Centre, Denise had had a 25-year career as a professional artist, creating art works in porcelain and on canvas.

In 1968 she was a founding member of The Burlington Potters Guild, becoming its President in 1971-73, a founding member of Arts Burlington, becoming its President in 1979-80 and Chairman and President of the Board of The Burlington Art Centre in 1982. She was Chairman of the BAC’s Acquisition Committee for six years, then a member of the BAC Foundation for four years.

Denise had eight solo shows and numerous group shows though out the Golden Horseshoe, and as of 1997, has had works in “Fire & Earth” which toured Canada, then traveled to Japan and are now permanently on display in the Virtual Museum of Canada.

In 2012 Denise published her first novel Old Lady Sweetly is Twenty

When Rosemarie formed the Footnotes Company in 2000, Denise became a dancer and set designer. In 2004, under Rosemarie’s guidance, she developed the Footnotes Dancing Clown Troupe- “A Touch of Whimsey”.


Civic Award

Rosemarie Maurice

Denise McKay

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